Appointments with a Doctor

On the day that you would like an appointment please call our Reception on 01768 214620 and request a call from a doctor.  The Receptionist will then place you on the GPs call back list.

You may specify a doctor of your choice but please remember that not all doctors work every day and you may prefer to wait until a particular GP is available.  Our Reception Staff will advise you on the doctors’ availability.

Nurse and Health Care Assistant Appointments

This has not changed and appointments can be booked in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a doctor have to phone me first?

The doctor will talk to you and assess you on a clinical priority basis.

If either the doctor or patient needs or wants an appointment then this will be arranged by the doctor.

When will the doctor phone?

The doctor will phone you back as soon as possible so please be available to take the call.

The actual time will depend on the volume of demand but is usually with 2-3 hours and often sooner.

If you miss the call you will need to advise Reception.  Delays can occur due to emergencies or home visits, if your condition deteriorates then please call Reception who will advise the doctor.

What if I am at work and can only take calls during my break?

Please let the Receptionist know any information so it can be added to the call back request, we will then do our best to call at a convenient time.  Employers usually welcome this system as matters can often be dealt with by telephone saving you missing time away from work for an appointment.

If I need an appointment, when will I be seen?

You and the doctor will arrange a convenient time, most likely on the same day if possible.

I am hard of hearing or unable to communicate by telephone?

If you are hard of hearing or unable to communicate by telephone then you are welcome to come to the Surgery in person.  You may have to wait a little while but the doctor will endeavour to see you.

What if I do not have a telephone?

Please speak to our Reception Team and we will work out the best way for you to access your doctor.

Will I be seen quicker if I come to the Surgery in person?

Unless you have a life threatening emergency you will not be seen any quicker.  The Receptionist will take your details and add you to the call back list and the doctor will call you in order of clinical priority.  You will have the option to sit and wait for the telephone call, however, we will be unable to advise how long your wait will be as it depends on how many other patients are waiting and the nature of their presenting complaints.

Help us to help you

We receive over 600 calls a day, over 80% are answered. It can be difficult for you to get through despite recently increasing the number of incoming telephone lines we have at the Practice.

If you have recently received hospital treatment and require a sick note you need to contact the hospital department you attended.  If the sick note is for an ongoing condition that you have previously discussed with a doctor here then it is appropriate to contact us.

You can self-certify for the first 7 days of any illness.

If possible we ask that you call after 11am for test results or to book routine nurse/healthcare appointments.  If you are calling for results or information following an investigation arranged by a specialist then you need to contact them directly.  The responsibility of informing you and explaining what the information means is theirs — please remember to get their contact details.

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